4 Reasons Formula One Drivers Take Go Kart Racing Seriously 

kartingIf you are a motoring buff, it is highly likely that you have dreamt of sitting behind a Formula One wheel. However, any good F1 driver will tell you it is not that easy. If you check the history of the current F1 drivers on the grid, it has marks of raw battling except for a few who have the funds to buy their seats. If you are an aspiring F1 driver, it is time to start preparing and it all starts with Go Kart racing for many good reasons.

You just have to look at the roster of drivers in the grid today to appreciate the reason kart racing is not just a pastime. From Lewis Hamilton to Fernando Alonso, all the champions have fought their way up the ladder through the grueling Go kart racing. Here are some reasons you need to start taking your go kart sessions more seriously:

1.       Rich Heritage

Since Art Ingels conceptualized the art of kart racing over half a century ago, the sport has consistently produced future Formula One and World Rallying Champions. Since 1956, the sport has spread across the globe with most countries holding their own national championship titles. Most racing legends from Ayrton Senna, Michael Schumacher, Fernando Alonso, Mark Webber, Jan Magnussen, Nico Rosberg and Kimi Raikkonen among others started out in Go Kart racing. If you want to earn that coveted F1 seat, it is time to start taking your racing seriously.

2.       Regulated Sporting

The beauty of Go Karting is the fact that just like Formula One, it is a highly regulated sport. This not only makes it globally acceptable but also improves the safety of racers. The Commission Internationale De Darting (CIK-FIA)   modulates the sport and ensures all championships are held under its stringent regulations.

Other recognized racing championships include International Kart Federation (IFK) in the U.S, National Schools Karting Association (NatSKA), Australian Karting Association (AKA) and Association of British Kart Clubs (ABkC). The CIK-FIA organizes the world championships through top-level classes including KF1, KF2, KF3, KZ1, KZ2 and Super Kart. The Association of British Kart Clubs ABkC manages the popular Super One series including the MSA, Rotax series and TKM, all in different age categories.

3.       Race Craft

One of the greatest lessons you will learn in Go Kart racing is how to control a racing car and of course data analytics. You need to manage your car perfectly when negotiating corners and if you have a dependable manager, this is where your path to F1 starts. You need to learn everything there is to learn about gear control, safety precautions, overtaking maneuvers and so much more.  While karting might just be a pastime for you today, you never know where the path might lead in future. The secret is to learn as much as you can.

4.       Race Options

Whichever skill you want to hone, there is always a race to suit you. Whether you want to work on your speed or endurance, you will get a perfect race to hone your skills. There are sprint races, endurance and speedway races and you just have to pick a good circuit to improve your skills.

Isn’t it time to start taking your Go Kart racing more seriously? You just have to look at the amazing driving by Nico Rosberg or Lewis Hamilton in F1 to appreciate what kart racing can do for you.