Lewis Hamilton: A Closer Look at the Making of an F1 Legend

lewis_hamiltonWho comes to mind when you think about basketball? It is most likely Michael Jordan. What about Formula One?  If you are an older fan you might say, Michael Schumacher, Senna or Prost. However, today you have to consider Lewis if you were to write a history of F1. There is no denying the impact the Briton has had on changing the sport altogether.

In fact, there is little to hate about this racing idol; he is a go-getter, tough-as-nails driver, and a party animal.  After a race in Russia, you will find him at a fashion show in Paris or in some kind of traffic mishap in Florida.   His presence is felt in every race and if you are an avid F1 fan, why not take a closer look at this racing revelation?


Hamilton’s journey started way back in the Caribbean Island of Grenada. Yes, you are shaking your head because you didn’t have an idea that his parental grandfather immigrated to England from here and worked in London’s Underground Transport system. Hamilton was born in Stevenage England on January 7th 1985.

The Racing Story

His racing instincts were realised early. Indeed, he approached Ron Dennis, the McLaren don, when he was only 10 years and told him he would one day like to race for him. It might have seemed over-ambitious then but three years later, he was signed up for the Young Driver Support Programme by Mercedes and McLaren.

At the age of 6 years, Hamilton got a go-kart as a Christmas gift from his dad and the rest, as they say, is history. By the age of 8, he was already karting at the Rye House Kart Circuit and winning races. With Super Series and a British Championship title, it was just a matter of time before F1 big shots started noticing him.

More incredible feats were to come with Formula A and Formula Super A titles, and later in Formula Renault and British Formula 3 Championship. By 2004 the only thing that prevented teams such as McLaren from signing the Briton then was funding. Indeed, McLaren wanted to sign the young driver but BMW, their engine partners, were not willing to fund his career.

Formula One Comes Calling

2007 saw the entry of Lewis Hamilton into Formula One at McLaren. The F1 world was given a glimpse of future victory when he came 3rd in the inaugural Australian GP setting a record.  He came 2nd in the next four races and won in Canada and U.S GP. In 2008, the young driver pushed Alonso, his teammate, and won the title.

With McLaren struggling for form, the restless Hamilton moved to Mercedes in 2013 to partner with former karting teammate Nico Rosberg. The year 2014 provided the most competitive racing feats since the days of Schumacher and Alonso. The race went down to the wire when Hamilton won in the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix and took the title.

2015 was another great year for the British driver with his impressive driving outshining Rosberg. With three titles, Hamilton now joins the book of records as the British driver with the most F1 wins equalling Sir Jackie Stewart. Can’t wait to see what other records the amazing driver will break.